Kioo Social Platform (KSP)

Kioo Media Player is now bundled with state of the art social platform which was developed exclusive for it. Through KSP different people who are watching or who have watched the same media file can share their thoughts by a way of comments, which appears right on the video playback screen without disrupting the video playback itself.

Using KSP, people will be able to have a second line of entertainment by reading the comments that have been posted by the users who watched the media file earlier.

For video editors who have their work reviewed by a group of people or inviduals, Kioo Social Platform can be used as a place to collaborate with teams. One member of a team can be watching the video and add comments where they need. These comments can be read when the video is being played by another person.

Options are limitless as long as you know why you need the comments on the video window. Chances are you might find your own way of using it.

All the good stuffs do not appear here, instead they appear when playing back the video itself. What you will need are the following:

  • Register for an account here.
  • Header over to your downloaded Kioo Media Player and play your media file. Remember, you must have internet connection for it to work
  • If the media file has comments, they will appear on the top left conner of the screen as you play the video
  • If the media file has no comments, nothing will appear
  • To add your own comments, click the comment icon on the player's controls toolbar
  • When you click the add comment icon, the media playback will pause, when you finish typing and the comment popup closed, media playback will resume
  • Login with your credentials which you register at Kioo Media Player website.
  • If login is successfully, you will be presented with an input box where you can type your comment and submit.
  • When anyone who has Kioo Social Platform Enabled in their Kioo Media Player, and connected to the internet, they will see your comments at that exactly time of media playback.

Kioo Media Player will always sync with its website for more comments at a particular interval. If you don't wish to see or enable the comments, you can disable them as follows:

  • Go to settings menu by clicking menu icon on the player's control toolbar
  • On the settings menu, scroll down to the Kioo Social Player Group
  • Using the switch on the right of Enable KSP option, you can switch off Kioo Social Platform(KSP) and the player will stop displaying comments. This settings does not reset automatically, can only be enabled manually even after the player restarts.
  • If you wish to logout from KSP and still receive the comments update, just click the LOGOUT button in the Kioo Social Platform settings group.

The key for Kioo Social Platform comments playback is that, the other person should be playing exactly the same file you where playing or commented. If the files are not the same, the comments will exist in separate threads.

Thats all there is! Enjoy playing your media files with Kioo Media Player!