I have been watching a lot of movies and TV series through my computer for a long time. Always i have been using the best player i can get to watch those media files. But as i watch them through a particular media player, i usually see there is a feature i require, but can't get it in the that player or it works sometimes then breaks later.

One of the alternative i did back then, is to search for plugins in the internet for a player if the player has plugins. Most times, these plugins works, but they break a lot. Other times, i may not find a plugin. An example is when i want the player to behave in a particular way and it doesn't do so.

And so i go to the internet and search for best players out there which can do exactly what i want. I get the player, use it for sometimes. Then again, i find that, there is a particular feature not available in the new player, but available in the other player. I always ends up switching to multiple players wherever i want to access a certain feature present in a particular player.

Sometimes, i may find a player with very good features, but i get that the Video Quality and Audio Quality is very poor. Also, in about all the players i have been using, they have a thousand of features which a movie addict like me never uses or touch for all the time i was using the player.

The thing that hit me hard was the Video and Audio Quality though. Even the best player out there boasts they play almost any media file(Ofcorse they do), but the Video Quality is highly deteriorated. By then i had a Full HD TV, when i watch a full HD media, i see a serious quality degradation in one of the best player. It was like the player is normalizing the pixels making them smoother. I thing they did it to improve performance. On Audio Quality, i have a decent home theater system, so i usually like the best quality of audio i can find. This also through the same media player, the audio sounded like shouting or having a high pitch. This also was due to the fact that, the player is actually doing some boosting or processing to the audio before sending it to the output. I honestly was disappointed with the player even though it is being used by a lot of people.

Then one day it hit me. I can do programming quite well, then why don't i develop a media player for myself with all the features i want? I have the will, I have the power, then why don't i do it? The answer was simple, let me do it and create my own media player with best quality of Video and Audio playback.

I started listing all the things i wanted on the player, how i want it to behave and what i can do with it. The list looked amazing, and so i began to create a media player of my own with everything i wanted a player to have, from its design to the way the player behaves.

After a couple of months of designing and coding, Kioo Media Player came into existense with all its glory.

I started using it for a couple of weeks, and the result was astonishing. The Kioo had unbeatable video quality, clear crystal audio and amazing interface. Some of my friends saw the player and asks where i did download it, i told them i had created. They replied, they want one!

And so i had to package it into a nice installer and every feature a program should have. In conjuction to that i had to create a website(It was horible at first as i just wanted to provide a place to download the player). After a while, a lot of people actually like it! It was amazing and so i vowed to upgrade it as much as i can.

As the day goes on, i continued to fix bugs and improve the player. A work which is continous till now and still on going till i see this is exactly what i want the player to be.

Hopefully you will or do enjoy Kioo Media Player as i do! Happy media playeback!


Kioo Media Player Developer.