Kioo Media Player Manual

  1. Playing Media Files

    Kioo Media Player can play almost all media files available in the world.

    You can play media by using any of the following ways:

    • Dragging and Dropping

      By Dragging the media file and dropping it on the player window, the player will start playing the file automatically.
      You can drop multiple files on the player windows and they will all be added to the Kioo playlist.
      When multiple files have been dropped to the player, the first files on the list will start playing first and the next will follow sequentially.

    • Using the open media control

      By clicking the open media icon video_library on the control bar of the player, a dialog box will open where you can navigate to the location of the media file and select it for playing. Upon selecting it, the player will start playing it automatically.

    • Double Clicking the Media File

      If the player has been installed correctly, and the file associations set to play all media files using Kioo Media Player, then the media can be open with Kioo Media Player just by double clicking it.

    • Context Menu

      For all the operating system with the context menu activated, by right clicking the mouse button to open context menu, then you can choose 'Play With Kioo' to open the file using Kioo Media Player.

    • Steaming Option

      Kioo Media Player support streaming of network streams from the internet or network attached devices. To start playing the media, first find the media link(URL) where it is located. Then click the language icon on the Kioo Media Player controls bar where a dialog box will appear.
      On the dialog box, type your Stream Name on the the Stream Name input box. This name will appear in the playlist window of the player. Then type or paste the media link on the Stream Link input control.
      Then click the play button to start playing the media file.
      The media file will NOT play if, you have typed the wrong link.
      The media file will NOT play if there is no connection to the media file such as internet connection for internet streams.
      Do not paste any streaming services link here(such as youtube videos links) directs on the player as the player does not process the link to extract the location of the media file. Use any other way to retrieve the actual file link for use in the Kioo.

  2. Media PlayBack Controls

    You can control the media playback using the following ways:
    • Mouse Control

      On the player window, when the media file is loaded, clicking the left mouse button will play or stop the media file. In simple terms it acts as browser players. Single left mouse click on the playback canvas will toggle play or pause of the loaded media.

    • Player Control Bar

      On the player control bar, using the buttons represented by icons play_arrow, pause and stop where by clicking each button, you can control play, pause or stop the media file.
      Previous and Next media file can be selected by pressing the buttons skip_previous and skip_next
      To repeat one, all or shuffle can be selected using the control button marked with icons repeat, repeat_one and shuffle. By clicking this button multiple times, you will be able to toggle between these playback options.

    You can toggle either full screen or window mode by clicking the button icon fullscreen or fullscreen_exit respectively.

  3. The Playlist

    The playlist is located on the left pane of the player. This playlist can be viewed by swapping from the right corner on the player or by clicking the playlist_play icon on the media player controls bar. Upon clicking this icon, the playlist will appear from the right side of the player.

    The playlist ordering will depend on the order you have played the media files. Ofcourse you can re-order the playlist by using the expand_less or expand_more icons on each of the playlist items. These will move the playlist item up or down.

    You can remove individual item in the playlist by clicking the close icon on the right of the item you want to remove.

    On the playlist window title section, there is a toggle button toggle_on where by clicking it, the playlist window will clear itself.
    Remember, if you wish the player not to remember your playlist, then the best place to do that is in the Settings Menu under playlist section where you can select the player to remember the history or not. The changes will be applied when the player is restarted.

  4. Settings

    By clicking the menu icon on the player control bar, the settings menu will be opened. Another way to open it in touch enabled devices, is by swapping from left to right of the Kioo Player windows.
    The settings menu is where all the global behaviour of the player is set. The Settings section is devided into the following sections:

    • Audio

      On Audio settings you can Enable Audio or Disabled Audio using Enable Audio toggle, Select Audio Channel and Select Audio Track for files with multiple channels or tracks.
      By selecting any of the option, the changes will reflect immediately. Remember Enabling or Disabling Audio settings is persistent even after closing and repopening the player. It has to be reset manually.

    • Video

      On Video settings you can Enable Video or Disabled Video using Enable Video toggle. By clicking the toggle button to enable or disable the Video, Video will disappear or reappear depending on the state of this settings. Remember Enabling or Disabling Video settings is persistent even after closing and repopening the player. It has to be reset manually.

    • Subtitle

      Under this settings, you can Enable or Disable subtitles, select subtitle track or download subtitle from

      Selecting subtitle track for either internal subtitle tracks(embedded in the media file) or external subtitle tracks(separate file) will activate it. Currently the player don't support switch back from external subtitle to internal subtitle. It can only be done when the player is reloaded.

      To download subtiltes from, you have to be connected to the internet first then click the SEARCH button when the media file is being played or paused. After few seconds, the dropdown besides the language selection dropdown for the subtitle will be populated with downloaded subtitles list.
      The player will also download the first subtitle from the list and load it automatically and the settings window close itself automatically.
      If the loaded subtitle is wrong, you can select another one using the list of the subtitles and click the LOAD button to download it from website. This action will complete after a while where the subtitle will be loaded automatically and the setting window close itself.

    • Playlist

      This playlist's Enable History setting option will tell the player to remember the files you have played or not(The playlist).

      By disabling Enable History option, Kioo player will not remember your playlist after the media is closed and reopened again. Changes will be applied when the player is closed normally.

    • KSP Settings

      KSP information can be found on the KSP page here.

    • OSD Settings

      On OSD settings you can Enable OSD or Disabled OSD using Enable OSD toggle button. By clicking the toggle button to enable or disable the OSD, OSD display will be disabled or enabled accordingly. This means no playback information will appear onscreen. Remember Enabling or Disabling OSD settings is persistent even after closing and repopening the player. It has to be reset manually.

  5. Keyboard Shortcuts

    Kioo Media Player has a number of keyboard shortcuts. Each one control a particular aspect of the playback or player.

    • SPACE - Toggle Play or Pause
    • ESCAPE - Toggle Visibility either Fullscreen or Window Mode
    • Arrow_UP - Increase Volume
    • Arrow_DOWN - Decrease Volume
    • Arrow_RIGHT - Seek Forward
    • Arrow_LEFT - Seek Backwark
    • P - Take Screenshot, image will be saved to your pictures directory.
    • + - Increase Playback Rate by 0.1
    • - - Decrease Playback Rate by 0.1
    • M - Mute Audio
    • L - Open Playlist
    • U - Open Stream Dialog Link
    • S - Open Setting Menu
    • O - Open file dialog
    • C - Open Create Comment Dialog

Thats all there is! Enjoy playing your media files with Kioo Media Player!